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Amaro Winery History

Founded in 2009 by German-born Bernd Maier, Amaro Winery in Las Cruces New Mexico, has quickly developed a reputation for producing premium wine. As a ninth-generation winemaker, Maier appreciates and honors the over 400-year history of winemaking in New Mexico. Spaniards first bought wines to the region in 1629 and winemaking was further developed Italian Jesuit priests.
It’s that rich tradition of winemaking that Amaro references in it is classic approach to winemaking and the varieties it produces such as its 2014 Mission wine, which is derived from the first vines planted in New Mexico. Amaro is committed to producing well know varietals such as its award-winning Tempranillo, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as introducing consumers to established but lesser-known

varietals such as the Refosco. In 2016, Amaro Winery won New Mexico’s State Fair premier Vintners Award for its 2010 Tempranillo and again in 2019 for its Cruces Sunrise. Amaro Winery’s tasting room is located near historic downtown Las Cruces and has a diverse selection of red and white varieties including both sweet and dry wines. The 20-acre vineyards are located 10 miles south of Las Cruces, near the town Mesquite, New Mexico.


Amaro Winery is owned and operated by Bernd Maier and Xiao Maier. Bernd is Amaro’s winemaker. Maier comes from a long winemaking family tradition. Their family has operated vineyards in Bernd’s hometown of Kappelrodeck, Germany since the 1400s. Maier moved to Engle, New Mexico in 1984 where first planted vines. He later moved to Las Cruces in 1989 and founded Amaro Winery in 2009.
The Maier’s focus is to grow New Mexico’s reputation for producing world-class wines. Amaro and other wineries in Mesilla Valley have created a destination in Southern New Mexico for wine lovers from around the world. Amaro’s vineyards grows mainstream varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, and Merlot and it test grows many other varieties. There are more than 40 varieties grown in the vineyard.


The vineyard is located on a bench sloping south by southwest towards the Mesilla Valley at an elevation of 3,850 feet. The soil is of colluvial origin and provides well drained conditions for the vines. Eight percent slope allows for good air drainage which is important to protect the plants from spring frost and aids in the protection of the vines from fungus disease.
Amaro works with nature to grow grapes that work with the local climate and soil. Special efforts are taken to employ sustainable farming practices as much as possible. Pruning wood and weeds are shredded and provide ground cover and reduce evaporation from the vineyard floor.
The family searches for the best possible varieties for the Southern New Mexico climate. They are leading the way in growing varieties that are not traditionally grow in New Mexico. Among those varieties are Tinto Cao, Touriga Nacional, Rkatsiteli, Greco di Tufo, and Castelao. Maier is passionate about producing wines that reflect the local terroir and that are also recognized in the same company as premier wines from around the world.