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White Wines

2014 Malvasia Bianca
Our Malvasia Bianca is a refreshing, flavorful white wine. there are hints of fruit in the intense aroma that include pears and peaches. This Malvasia Bianca makes an excellent wine to be served at receptions with light hours d’oeuvres and traditional Mexican food. Serve chilled.
2012 Chenin Blanc
Our 2012 Chenin Blanc has flavors of apple, pear, and melon with a hint of honey. This makes our Chenin Blanc excellent for receptions at any time but especially during the hottest months of the year. Salads, seafood, and white meats are great pairings. Serve Chilled.
$17.00 ($15.30 for 12)
2014 Chenin Blanc Dry
$17.00 ($15.30 for 12)

Red Wines


Amour is a red wine with a youthful fruity character displaying soft tannins. Sweet, light and fruity, this wine pairs well with pasta, pizza and Mexican food. Serve lightly chilled or room temperature.

$14.00 ($12.60 for 12)
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon
$20.00 ($18.00 for 12)
2010 Durif
$18.00 ($16.20 for 12)
2014 Refosco

$20.00 Available to Wine Club Members Only

2010 Tempranillo
The grapes from which this wine is vinted are grown at the foot of the Little Hatchet mountains in far southwestern New Mexico. The unruly young wine was tamed for 18 months in American oak barrels. This aging enhances the earthy character of this wine derived from Spanish heritage. Tacos, tapas and dry cured ham are some of the foods that pair well with this full bodied Tempranillo.
$14.00 ($12.60 for 12)
2013 Mission

Rose Wines

Cruces Sunrise

Cruces Sunrise is a light table wine with a touch of sweetness. This wine is full of character and flavor. With a refreshing crispness it pairs well with a large variety of foods from pasta to seafood and lightly spiced cuisines. Serve chilled.

$14.00 ($12.60 for 12)